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About 9 and Three Quarters Shop

Campus Concepts/Toxic Print

was Established in 2002

Incorporated under

9 & Three Quarters in 2007

"9 & Three Quarters" is owned by Wendy Ling and Hilmar Eichhoff, who have over 50 years of combined design and branding experience.

With our dedicated team of professional embroiderers, screen printers and front end staff – we are able to offer you unsurpassed quality design and embroidery digitising services. These services are offered free of charge when work is done through our company, or a nominal fee may be charged for transfer of copyright to reproduce designs and digitised files through other companies.

9 & Three Quarters is the home of CAMPUS CONCEPTS – the ONLY official supplier of University Campus Merchandise. The University Campus Shop is situated at 29 New Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.....also referred to as “The Best Little Purple Shop in Town”

   This is our Team: The-Team-of-9and3
Hilmar Eichhoff: Owner (Background in Design, Ceramics and Art Clay Silver)


Wendy Ling: Owner (Background in Marketing, Finance and Design.)  Wendy-Ling
 Sedge Mnyakama: Specialist Embroidery Operator.  Sedge-Mnyakama
Patricia Pearson: Sales and shop Manageress.


Social Responsibility Programmes of 9 & Three Quarters


Assorted BeadsSocial responsibility is an ethics theory that an entity has a responsibility to society. We accept our role and our responsibility to help improve society by taking a proactive stance in our societal role. We believe we have an implicit obligation to give back to society as part of our corporate social responsibility program.

9 & Three Quarters strives to achieve the following three outcomes through the implementation of their social responsibility programs:

Leather WorkEconomic function, Quality of life, Social investment and Problem solving: - through mentorship and skills development programs designed to assist young entrepreneurs in the development of their labels and brands.

By reducing our carbon footprint: ensuring that our premises, and that our processes and waste, is environmentally friendly.

In the quality of life measurement:- through our philosophy of “Keeping Grahamstown work in Grahamstown” where we actively involve and engage with outsourcing work where possible to our skilled and semi-skilled seamstresses, beaders and leather workers throughout our less privileged communities.

Sedge Mnyakama

Profile of Sedge – Specialist Embroidery Operator

Bringing the community together one stitch at a time is what makes Sedge smile.

“We are the number one embroidery shop in Grahamstown,” he says leaning over his industrial embroidery machines inspecting the stitch quality on the job he is running.

Sedge-MnyakamaSedge was born in the Manley Flats just outside of Grahamstown in 1998, later matriculating in 2006. He then worked for a local furniture removal business, which is how he met Hilmar and Wendy (the business owners), by helping them move house THREE times. The owner of the furniture removal business recommended Sedge, saying that he was absolutely wasted in the furniture business, and should we ever have an opening, Sedge was the man!

Sedge joined the 9 & Three Quarters family in 2010, and within months was starting to produce some quality work. A year later the embroidery section became Sedge’s exclusive baby, he learned how to maintain the machines, fix errors, and began to get involved in design work. His particular interest lies with assisting local churches design their logo’s, banners, and clothing, and plays in integral role in producing outstanding results.

Sedge established a local branch of the Zion Church of South Africa during 1999, and is currently a trainee pastor. “This is when I started my designing”, he explains. Sedge’s faith is one of the most important things in his life, and he takes great pride in teaching his fellows about his work, getting them excited resulting is producing the most beautiful church garments and memorabilia. With an eager eye for aesthetics, Sedge helps customers polish their rough ideas and make them special.

“I feel so happy when a customer sees the final product, and is happy with it. Everyone who wants unique embroidery should come and see us!” he says.

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